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"The Graduate School at Princeton is distinctive in its emphasis on doctoral education, its high level of engagement between distinguished faculty and outstanding students, and its residential campus environment that fosters a community of scholars. Mentoring at Princeton includes formal advising on program requirements and academic work, but goes beyond that to include informal faculty-student interactions that help to shape graduate students’ scholarly, professional, and personal development. Strong mentoring is the foundation of our academic enterprise at the graduate level. To that end, it is important that we pay close attention to the structures around mentoring to ensure that they reinforce our educational mission and provide our graduate students the best experience possible." – Charge to the Task Force on Mentoring and Advising

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Welcome to the beta version of the Graduate School's new resource site for doctoral mentoring and advising. The site is intended to be a central location where resources can be found for both faculty members and doctoral students who are searching for advisers or who are at the dissertation stage of their programs. Materials include campus support resources, and best practices for advisers.  The site is broken into two main categories - Resources for Faculty and Resources for Graduate Students. We will be adding material to the site periodically, so please keep an eye out.


Formed in 2019, the Task Force on Graduate Student Mentoring was charged with studying "the structures and practices around doctoral advising and mentoring across Princeton, to explore best practices beyond our campus, and to make specific recommendations on how we can continue to improve in this area."  View the full task force report.

Updates and happenings:

Childbirth and Adoption Accommodation Policy  At its October, 2021 meeting, the Faculty Committee on the Graduate School approved an increase to the amount of time that graduate students’ academic duties are suspended after giving birth to, adopting, or serving as a primary caregiving parent to a new child.  Previously, the period of accommodation when all duties were suspended while financial support continued was 12 weeks.  This period of accommodation has been increased to 14 weeks, effective immediately.  This change mirrors an enhancement that the Office of Human Resources will be making available to staff at the University.